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Cuba is a spectacular country, with beautiful and very warm loving people. Most tourists will go to areas such as Varadero, Jardines del Rey (Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo) or Holguin and stay in an all inclusive hotel resort, but my best advice to you is to travel around the country, stay one day in a hotel and the other in a Casa Particulare, where you will be a guest in a Cuban family's home.
Have dinner in the Paladares, a paladar is a small private restaurant, and talk to the Cuban people, mingle with the locals and see how it is they live ...La Vida Cubana

Cuba is blessed with perfect lucidity in its over 200 beaches, in which Varadero Beach, the Eastern Havana Beaches (Playas del Este) or the unexplored keys (Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo,...) are good examples.

Out of the 588 kilometers of the beaches of Cuba, 256 of its foreshores are comprised in the country’s twelve major tourist circuits, all of them outfitted with great hotel and nautical facilities, plus an assortment of development plans in place for broader recreational choices.

Besides being the right spots for basking in the sun, reading a good book under the shadow of an umbrella, or simply taking a catnap, Cuban beaches are equipped with the right infrastructure to practice a variety of water sports such as sailing, Cuba scuba, Cuba sailing, aqua bikes, kayaking and water skiing, with gear provided by a number of nautical centers.

Cuba beach are places in which tourists can revel in the privileged weather and natural conditions this lovely island nation has to offer. In our site we will show you the main beaches of Cuba, with pictures and information about them. We made a hard work finding information about most of the Cuba beaches. Currently we have listed more than 30 beaches, and the number will be growing until we got them all.

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At Hicacos Peninsula, in Matanzas province, 140 km. from Havana, Varadero, the most popular and well-known seaside resort in Cuba is located.

Having more than 20 km. of beaches, the chief Cuban seaside resorts and one of the best known worldwide, has exceptional natural features for the visitors’ enjoyment. Varadero beaches shallowness allows swimmers to go several meters into the sea and have a good time at the wide sandbanks.

The seabed can be sharply seen through its warm crystal-clear waters. Varadero also stands out for its fine white sand of calcareous origin covering the length of the shore. Being a peninsula it has varied and luxuriant flora and fauna spread out among nearly 10 virgin islets, sea bottoms with more than 40 species of coral, a wide range of fish, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, 70 kinds of mollusks and charming dolphins that can sometimes be seen from the shore or riding a catamaran.

That’s why Varadero is also home to 28 diving spots linked to Scuba Cuba “Barracuda” diving center, from which underwater caves, channels and passages within the coral reefs can be reached. This facility gives the visitor a chance to dive in caves like La Cueva de Saturno, a cavern flooded with a mixture of inland and sea water having beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, a lake and two galleries inhabited by blind fish and shrimps.

Among the chief attractions of Varadero also rank the ecologic beach, a natural reserve a little farther away from the main beaches. Here the visitor can enjoy a practically virgin beach which has one of the oldest trees in Cuba: El Patriarca, a treelike cactus dated by the specialists as previous to the Spanish conquest, and the very first saltern in Cuba and Latin America, built little after the Spanish arrival. A visitor walking along the beach can see Cayo Piedra, one of the small virgin islets, typical of this peninsula’s geography.

Varadero also has a fair choice of fun activities. In its beaches sailboards, aquabikes, rowboats and horses are available for rent. Catamaran rides, parachutes, winged boats are some other options. Visitors can rent cars, bikes and motorbikes. It houses a karting track, an amusement park, several golf courses, a marina offering yacht cruises and visits to important landmarks like Laguna del Tesoro, and a dolphinarium where the visitor can enjoy a superb dolphin show as well as swim with dolphins.

Some enjoyable nighttime options include live concerts by salsa orchestras and more than 10 discos housed in over 30 hotels operated by distinguished chains. Varadero’s hotels much varied in architectural design, fit to perfection into this natural paradise favored by tourists and Cubans alike.

Varadero geographical features invite diving lovers to visit it. The peninsula is near to one of the most important strings of corals with 7000 km2, it makes of its living sea flora and fauna, sunk ships and submarine caves, the main attractive of this sea sport. By this way, diving in Varadero littoral is characterized by diverse sea landscapes, where patch reefs are very common.

Sand zones combine with coral reefs zones and they bring to live here beautiful fish to be seen by divers, such as pargies and roncos. It is very interesting to the immersion zone known as (Parque Submarino Cayo Piedra del Norte) where are distributed war sunk ships which are very well conserved, showing high levels of coralline covering.
Varadero diving zone is more than 10 miles long and includes the nearest keys. There are 32 diving zones located between Matanzas Bay and the western keys of the archipelago Sabana-Camaguey.

There are in Varadero three diving centres (Aqua Diving Center, Marina Chapelin Aquaworld and Barracuda Scuba Cuba).All the divers have a long experience and they are certificated by different international Confederations (ACUC, SMAS & NAUI).

You may find also instructors in many of the hotels who give courses for diving beginners. You may have access to this activity by means of the payment in some touristy packs for one determinate number of day or night immersions, to open sea or in inundated caves.